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1970 MGBGT in unusual Burmuda Blue for sale.

I am now able to offer this car for sale. I have not sprayed this car myself, but have bought the car as an unfinished project. I have put in many hours professionally finishing off the car to a high standard, which involved many more new bits and pieces over what came with the car!

I have refurbished the front wiring loom, making repairs as necessary, and have cleaned and coloured the engine bay in correct blue as it had been sprayed silver for some reason.

New parts include indicator light units and headlight looms, headlightr bowls in plastic with new adjusters, all hydraulics renewed, with pipelines in copper, and a new fuel line in copper pipe.

Both King pins have obviously been replaced in the recent past, (not my me, and all bushes appear to be of that vintage, except the new wishbone top bushes on the driver's side, which I have replaced with the V8 type, along with the wishbone arms themselves.

A stainless steel exhaust is fitted. (Guaranteed Exhaust Systems.)

The engine has been rebuilt, with reground crank, +30 pistons, new oil pump and water pump. It has been cleaned and painted. The distributor has been stripped and cleaned and is perfect. A new clutch has been fitted.

It also has a new oil pressure / water temp gauge, and most fixings in the engine bay have been renewed with new zinc fittings. The engine also has had many new fixings and fittings, and all have been fitted up using copper grease.

The car has a new bonnet, new chrome wire wheels with new Nexen tyres, and mostly new rubber seals all round the body. New window seals all round, and tailgate inner and outer seals.

Front wings are excellent and appear to have been fairly recent renewals. Cills have had previous repair work, and are solid, but that work was done with a view to re-attaching the Stainless steel cover cills, inexplicably, and so although sprayed up well, they weren't finished to a great standard; so rather than rework the finish again, I have just fitted these stainless cover sections after spraying everything with Dinitrol. They look highly acceptable and have been water proofed at the top flange.

Rear wings have been refinished and obviously have had some filler application. It is obvious that the lower sections have been replaced at some time unknown; probably not as part of the last respray. There is some skim filling, and there is bound to be, with panel repairs, but I cannot be certain of the extent of this. There is skim filling around the tail fins too. All is solid and acceptable at the moment, but a new owner might like to consider a rebuild of this area in maybe five to ten years time I should think. In the meantime I have sprayed everything inside the wings with copious amounts of Dinitrol wax. If garaged, I should think it will last well as it is.

The underside is solid and I have recoated everything with Dinitrol treatments. Part of the nearside floor has been replaced and the driver's side floor has had some weld repairs undertaken. The centre cross member has had end repairs and the jacking points left off. No worries there as they look better without in my opinion.

The tailgate is very good. The passenger door appears to have been reskinned, and the door shell lower flange repaired. The driver's door is good. Both have been filled with Dinitrol.

I have fitted a new windscreen and rubbers.

Front seats have been replaced with cloth seats from a later car, in very dark navy, and are lovely. Rears are original black vinyl.

The dark blue carpets are mostly very good, but showing some wear on the tunnel due to arm friction, and in the boot. The driver's floor carpet is not good and could do with being replaced.

Comprehensive pictures to follow. In its current condition, when finished, I was expecting the asking price to be in the region of £4000. 

Actually on reflection of the costs and time involved in the car, and looking now at the final result as a whole, I think £4,500 is a more realistic figure.

When still on the trailer, on the way here!

It was a glass out respray, so the frames are all good.

The cills were roughly finished, so as the stainless covers could be refitted. I wouldn't have done this, but I didn't want to redo it, so took some pics before fitting the covers, to prove that the cills are at least solid if not too pretty.

Rear window frames also well refinished, along with the gutters.

This was the mess of silver paint, which had to be sorted out. Note the nice new bonnet undersurface.

It was worth a day stripping it out, and then prepping and spraying it reasonably properly with two pack primer and then cellulose primer and top coats. Don't worry, the bits that should be black have since been sprayed properly!

Engine rebuild details.

While the above was going on, attention was turned to building up the engine.

Checking the bottom end. New oil pump fitted, together with reground crank, new shells and piston rings.

Cleaned up distributor parts.

Valves ground in and new stem seals fitted.

Honed bores.

Flywheel and new clutch fitted, together with new heater valve.

And into the car it goes. It is backwards because I had to take it out again to re-centre the clutch!

Finishing the bodywork. Details.

Engine in place. Trying the grille for fit.

New rubbers all round. New fixings and trims all fitted with Dinitrol coatings.

Preservation with cavity wax. This is actually Teroson wax. Most of the car is done with Dinitrol except the door inners and rear wing inners which are the areas done with Teroson. Subsequently, these were re-done with Dinitrol, for the best quality preservation.

On second thoughts, the bonnet was not finished greatly, so I decided to respray it. This is taken after this, and after the fitting of the new windscreen.

A new boot floor was fitted sometime, not by me, but in the last few years. A replacement petrol tank also accompanied this.

The floors, sprayed with cold galv spray before being carpetted. Also here, is the new single 12v type 063 battery installation, in the unmodified hole. There is a main isolator switch in the heel board on the driver's side, the terminals of which can be seen in the other hole.

The key to the isolator switch is behind the driver's seat.

Replacing the carpets and driver's seat in position.

Engine during final fitting up.

Fitting the bright metal side strips involved using new fixings, which were soaked in Dinitrol, as were the holes.

Refurbed front suspension.

Completed engine bay.

First glimpses of the completed car outside the workshop! It looks fantastic in the flesh. Headlight rim left off pending adjusting at the MOT station.

Interior before fitting of driver's carpet.